"Boldly Goes Where No Mat Has Gone Before!"
Pro P.A.D. Beveled
Color Black       Stock # 1449
Size 3x3
Sale $139.00
Retail $159.00

Pro P.A.D. End Locking Piece
Color Black       Stock # 1463
Size 3x3
Sale $139.00
Retail $159.00

Pro P.A.D. Center Locking Piece
Color Black       Stock # 1470
Size 3x3
Sale $139.00
Retail $159.00

Custom Branding Available,
Call Distributor for More Details.
The Pro P.A.D.’s environmentally friendly design will provide years of protection.
We stand behind it, 5-year guarantee.
  • Mats are 3’ x 3’ in size.
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Grease Proof
  • Lightweight Anti-Fatigue Device
  • No-Cell Urethane will not allow bacterial growth in it’s material composite.
  • No chemical or oil absorption.
  • Stain proof color will not fade.
  • Unique surface design helps catch food and grease, keeping your floor cleaner.

Pro P.A.D. Snap Together as a Team!
Providing a new solution for runner mat needs. Easy connecting puzzle piece design will not warp in a high temp dishwasher. Lasting as long as the rest of the product. No added adapters needed! Built in beveled edges meet industrial standards.

Pick up your pad and take it wherever your passion leads you!
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Pro P.A.D.