"Boldly Goes Where No Mat Has Gone Before!"
Street Cart Pad!
"Rain, Sleet, Snow" They all can be issues for the street cart vender . The portable Pro-Pad can separate the worker from the cold ground while providing comfort to the legs and feet the whole day through!
The Pro-Pad Bar Mat!
Have some fun using the Pro-Pad in different configurations. The color brings life to the floor area of the bar. This kind of color capability in rubber is far more expensive then the Pro-Pad material. Safety Yellow and Cleaned Daily, the Pro-Pad prevents slips and trips with it's bright color and ease of cleaning!
The Pro-Pad Tool!
Being comfortable is half the battle in getting your staff to clean the equipment at floor level. The Pro-Pad adapts to different issues besides standing. No more kneeling on hard dirty floors when servicing the equipment with the Pro-Pad around!
Just Spray And Wash!
Pro-Pad will go where no other mat company has ever gone before, recommending cleaning floor mats in a dishwasher!. Lasting longer than any mat on the market today! Just spray off the Pro-Pad and wash in the dishwasher.How easy is that?
Cleaned In A Three Compartment Sink
Even if you do not have a dishwasher machine, the Pro-Pad can be cleaned with just hot soapy water and a light scrub pad.
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