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Catering by Design did several weeks of testing the Pro-P.A.D. in our banquet facility. We found the product to be useful and worked as stated. I then purchased three Pro-Pads for our banquet kitchen. The staff loves the device! The product has been in our kitchen for over a year now with no issues of us washing the product in our high temperature dishwasher.
Catering by Design
Dennis Hutchison Executive Chef

Graffiti Foods found that using the Pro Pad in our production facilities to be a pleasure. This kitchen floor mat is mobile, easy to clean and store. We would recommend this product to the hospitality industry!
Graffiti Foods, Ltd.
Himes Vending Inc. has done several weeks of testing the Pro-P.A.D. in our catering facility. We have found that providing this culinary tool to our staffs an added value in comfort, making the workday experience more enjoyable. The product is easy to clean and store when not in use. We recommend the product for the hospitality industry.
Robert L. Himes President
Himes Vending Inc.

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Pro P.A.D.

Welcome to Pro-P.A.D.

by Chef Todd Zahler on 05/06/11

Pro-P.A.D. will start a series of blogs or newsletters based on finding common sense solutions in the hospitality industry. From cleaning, cooking tips, maintenance, technology and so much more. Check back to see what were up to next.

By Chef Todd Zahler

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1. Jackson said on 5/6/11 - 09:59AM
I stumbled across this website while shopping for kitchen mats, new to the field and looking forward to some tips in the trade.

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